Why Clients Prefer Hero

The HERO Standard

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Higher Quality Providers

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Charge Less Than Competition

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Superior Satisfaction

HERO Invests more in their workforce than anyone in the business because we care about the quality of medicical care provided and thus we care about the quality of candidates we work with.

We start by providing a rigorous standard in our credentialing process to ensure every Hero on our team is properly vetted.

HERO also facilitates unique training, orientation, tools and resources for our providers to be their absolute best while providing care to those who need it the most.

Client Services Simplified

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A Health HERO for Your Patients and Community

Your Provider is trained and qualified to provide amazing care but also be a great member of your community. They are not there to simply “Fill the gap” and go home. The engagement in the community is as important as the care for the community. This is just part of the HERO Difference.

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A HERO That Can Be Counted on Every Time

Emergency coverage when its needed - Simple flexibility when it's not.Whether it's short term, long term, simple call or full-time our HEROs are there for you and your patients. No task is too big or too small. We’ve got you covered.

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Superior Care for Your Patients - Superior Care for Your Business.

HEROs are there to provide patient care at its absolute best. But it doesn't stop there because HEROs are trained to quickly and efficiently integrate with your organization while delivering medical care that is seamless to your patients and staff. We provide HERO training and orientation to make them the best fit for your organization.