To All Medical Staff, Clients, Providers

We sincerely appreciate and thank the of all the HEROS out in the front lines of the medical community who have always put the medical care of others first with the wide range of diseases and maladies they treat and now are at our side once again, providing support and care that our people need during the pandemic

To Medical Providers of all types both clinical and administrative, and to every person that supports them, office staff, management, phone operators, equipment and supplies procurement:

"Thank-you for everything you have done during this crisis and for what you continue to do, to win the war against COVID-19 that has relentlessly taken over the world. Your Heroic work has not gone unoticed. The world is watching, and we at HERO are with you"

If you are a provider who wants to help during this time of need fill out the contact form here or if you’re already with HERO, contact your consultant to let them know what flexibility you may have.

Contact Form For Medical Staff, Clients, Providers

HERO Support for COVID-19 Affected Clients

*For Clients affected by Covid-19 and need assistance immediately - please call 1-855-HEROMED or contact your consultant directly. We are prioritizing our efforts based on need.

At HERO our name embodies the spirt of all humans who are willing to self-sacrifice in order to help others. It is with this spirit that we proudly announce:

HERO is committed to helping fight the COVID-19 Pandemic by greatly reducing fees to clinics and hospitals in need during the pandemic.

This will provide the access to the best medical professionals at an even better rate than the already lower fees for services provided by HERO.

If you are a clinic or hospital in need of coverage due to COVID-19 fill out the below form and we will be in touch to evaluate how we can best help your facility.

Contact Form For Clients

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